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GetChurchWebsite is arguably one of the best services to use for church, ministry, nonprofit website design because of its flexibility in integrating the latest technology. There are plenty of other reasons which you’ll soon discover, but let’s stick with simplicity for a moment. 

Websites and blogs are amazing communication tools for churches, ministries and small groups. But their effectiveness can be limited if church leaders or volunteers have to spend huge chunks of time just learning the website program. And because it’s an online platform, the responsibility of updating the website can be shared among several people from anywhere.

Imagine an interactive church website that allows for encouraging input from many members of the congregation (some features may require a Pro Account)

Visit the GetChurchWebsite Portfolio Page to see many featured websites, including the site for Soulwinners Glorious Assembly. This nondenominational church website features online connect tool for downloading church app, giving securely online, watching sermons online, and connecting via the various social platforms the church streams digital contents. This interactive website gets hundreds of new visitors every month and allows for active teaching and preaching from the scriptures. Watch how easy making a website like this one can be…


Among several benefits, a website helps your Church or ministry expand globally to minister the gospel of grace to the world desperately in need of salvation. Get your Church online with a branded website from and start sharing your sermons online, start accepting donations online, start sharing upcoming events, and more.